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It is the desire of Strickland School to make Christian education accessible to as many families as possible. We know that for many families, the investment in education can be a challenge. Over the years, Strickland has awarded many thousands of dollars in tuition assistance to qualifying students. In order to best allocate our financial aid, Strickland has chosen Smart Aid, an independent tuition management company, to process financial aid applications and to collect and analyze financial documents to help determine financial need for our applicants. Documents that applicants must submit to Smart Aid will include tax returns, W-2 forms, paystubs, and other supporting information. The complete directions for applying for assistance through Smart Aid is provided on the following pages.

Tuition Assistance Guidelines and Policies

Tuition assistance is awarded based upon family financial circumstances and Strickland School’s ability to offer aid.

Assistance is available for school tuition only, not for extended care tuition or school fees. Maximum assistance awarded will not exceed 50% of the published tuition for any student.

In evaluating the amount of aid needed to meet tuition costs, Smart Aid considers the family’s other children (ages, schools they attend), additional dependents, all sources of income, household expenses, assets and debts.

Tuition assistance renewal applicants are given priority; then consideration is given to continuing students seeking aid for the first time.

Renewal of tuition assistance is based on continued financial need, and new forms and tax returns must be submitted each year. All tuition assistance awards are contingent upon payment in full of the prior year’s account.

In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents must submit financial information on the Smart Aid application. That can be done on one application or separate applications. Both parents must submit the required financial documents to Smart Aid.

If one parent has no contact with the family, the custodial parent should submit third-party verification explaining the situation, (i.e. court documents, or other individual with knowledge of the situation).

For answers to other questions, and to complete an application, please download the SmartAid information from the button below. 

To start your application you will need the following information which is also found on the SmartAid Financial Information Sheet download.

Access Application at:

Smart School ID#: 12610 Strickland Christian School

Eligible Grades: K4, K5, 1st- 8th Grade

Family Codes:
New Family= New Family
Returning= Returning Family

Smart Aid Application Fee: $35

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