Dress Code

School Uniforms

Dress Code Policy

The dress code policy is written to encourage modesty, school spirit, and dedication to academics. All students in Kindergarten through eighth grade must wear uniforms. All clothing must be modest, clean and well fitting, neither too baggy nor too tight. Students are not permitted to wear clothes with autographs or other writing on them. Tattoos are not permitted. Students must comply with the dress code at all school functions.

School Uniform Requirements

Lands End School Uniform ShopUniforms are required for all students beginning on the first day of school. Uniforms must be ordered directly from Land’s End, our only uniform supplier. All new uniforms must be bought from the current Lands’ End School Uniform Catalog unless otherwise noted. Lands’ End for School may be contacted at 1-800-469-2222, or on the Internet at http://www.landsend.com. Please use school code 900052051 when placing your order. From the Lands’ End home page, you may select the School Uniforms tab and then select Find My School to enter our school and your child’s personal shopping information.

An official uniform list can also be found in the Strickland School Handbook on the Enrollment page for more information.



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