Partnering with Parents

The Austin Parent Teacher Fellowship has been associated with Strickland Christian School for several years.  The APTF is a non-profit service organization which assists parents, teachers, and students.  Your participation is encouraged in this excellent organization.

Check out the new APTF website HERE

Also take a look at the 2015 Summer letter




Volunteering Required

Each custodial parent or legal guardian is required to assist the parents and teachers of the school by volunteering for a minimum of 4 hours during the school year.  Volunteerism fosters good Christian fellowship and caring relationships and helps to keep the cost of education under control.  Volunteer hours may include work done directly for the school, students or teachers as well as work for the activities of the APTF.  All volunteers serve at the pleasure and under the direction of the school employees or the APTF officers.  Volunteers must submit all required paperwork in a timely manner.  A complete list of volunteer activities from which to choose will be published early in the fall semester.

 All volunteers must check in with the security officer or the school office when on the campus during the school hours.  All volunteers must coordinate their activities with the classroom teachers and/or principals.


Voting for Strickland's got Talent Talent Show

Go to this page to vote during the Talent Show on 3/31/17: People's Choice Award