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July 20, 2017       


Dear Parents,


When Jesus turned the water into wine at the Cana wedding feast, people must have responded with great joy, particularly since His wine was the best tasting! Later in His ministry, He told people at another feast to come to Him and drink; then living water would flow forth from their innermost being. To know Jesus personally and drink from His rivers of life must be the greatest joy anyone could experience – better than a wedding! (Jn. 7:37, 38; 17:3) Let our prayers be that every person associated with Strickland, adult and child alike, will experience this tremendous spiritual blessing and joy this year and forever! May Jesus turn your life into a bubbling spring for the thirsty soul.

Please read the enclosed information carefully as it will answer many of your questions. May this school year be the best ever for you and your children!


     Saturday, August 12 – 8 AM to Noon -Workday

                                         - 9:30 to 11 AM - Pre-owned Uniform Sale

                                         - 11 AM - Ice Cream Social

                                         – 1 to 5 PM – Antibacterial Treatment of Classrooms

     Monday, August 14 - 7:00 PM - New Parent Orientation

     Wednesday, August 16 – Teachers Return

     Monday, August 21 - 10:00 AM - Open House for K4 through 2nd Grade

     Monday, August 21 - 7:00 PM - Open House for 3rd through 8th Grade

     Wednesday, August 23 - First Day of School

     Monday, September 4 – Labor Day School Holiday


A complete calendar is updated regularly on our website.

NEW PARENT ORIENTATION – Monday, August 14, 7 PM

This meeting is mandatory for all parents new to Strickland School who were unable to attend the May orientation.  We will discuss important school policies and procedures, uniforms, tips for parents, and there will be a question and answer session.  The meeting is for parents only so please find other care for your children.


A pre-owned uniform sale will be held on Saturday, August 12. The uniform sale is from 9:30 to 11 AM. Tables for uniforms will be set in the cafeteria for you to sell your own uniforms garage sale style! Credit card payments will not be accepted.

OPEN HOUSE - Monday, August 21

This is an important event for you and your child to meet the teacher and see the classroom.  Teachers will have some pertinent information for you at this time.  First through eighth grade students please bring the notebook paper assigned below with you to help teachers prepare before the first day. Parents may open a catered lunch account for their children at open house.


Students, parents, and staff are invited to an ice cream social on Saturday, August 12, at 11 AM immediately following the uniform sale. Ice cream and toppings will be free to all until it’s gone! Get acquainted with new families and catch up with old friends.


We are happy to welcome back so many excellent teachers and at least one new teacher for another year. Please pray for all our teachers as they prepare to minister to your little ones.  Below is the current list of employees.

April Skirrow, Heather Durant           K4      

Ruby O’Neal, Julie Snook                 K5                  

Mary Wall                                          1st Grade        

Pamila Stout, Patty Pearson               2nd Grade

Belinda Means                                    3rd Grade

Kaylin Baranske                                 4th Grade

Rebecca Windsor                               5th - 6th Grade (5th-8th Grammar and Literature)

Bill Hill                                               7th – 8th Grade (5th-8th Bible, History)

Ranti Valdez                                       6th – 8th Math and Science                             

Gloria Knox                                        Spanish

Becky Oekerman                                Music

Julie Snook                                         Computer/Extended Care Teacher

Diane Rigdon                                      Extended Care Director/5th and 8th  Math

Rosie Casey                                        First-Third Grade Assistant

Karen Ard                                           Accounts Manager

Lori Petty                                            Director of Admissions/Office Manager

Ann Smith                                          Paper Grader/Assistant

Marle Sanders                                     Extended Care

Doug Rigdon                                      Principal


Strickland School is seeking a part time PE teacher in the afternoons. Candidates must be born again Christians of high moral character and must love children. A college degree is preferred. Please send a resume with references to the director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; one may also call the office (512 447-1447) for more information.


All students will receive the supplies that they need to get started in school.  The teachers will distribute these supplies as needed for their classrooms.  Students in first through eighth grades must bring the following types and amounts of loose-leaf notebook paper.  Please bring the notebook paper to open house so teachers have time to prepare for the first day of class.


1st through 4th Grades

Wide Ruled

2,000 sheets

5th through 8th Grades

College Ruled

1,000 sheets


The August 12 workday will be from 8 A.M. until 12 noon. This is a great opportunity to fulfill your volunteer requirements and to build muscle!  Hopefully we will be cleaning, moving gravel, doing yard work, and trimming bushes among other odd jobs. Bring gloves, a bush trimmer, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow if you have them. Any other tools will also be helpful. While this is not a workday for children, older students may come to help at their own risk if they are supervised by their parents. Hours worked at this work extravaganza will help meet parent volunteer requirements.


Due to multiple classrooms at their grade levels, students in K4, K5, and second grade will receive a letter from their teachers by the middle of August. This letter will constitute the official notice of your child’s class assignment. Administrators at Strickland have attempted to honor teacher requests made by parents, but such requests are not guaranteed as there are many factors used in determining classroom assignments. Please do not call the school to learn your child’s class assignment unless your child does not receive the letter by August 17.


The APTF is the nonprofit service arm for the parents and teachers at Strickland. We are very thankful for the volunteer service of these three parents! If you would like to hold an office or help run an event we welcome your contribution! Current officers have served a year or more and want to open their positions to new parents. Positions available are: president, vice president, treasurer, and purchaser. Parents may also volunteer to be an event coordinator. Events available are: fall fest, silent auction, track and field day, and teacher appreciation luncheon.


Once again Strickland students will be competing in sports and academic competition through APSA and PSIA. We have some coaches who have graciously committed to help, but we do need more. Please call Mr. Rigdon if you would like to help out.

Coaches and helpers so far area:

Will Minto – football coach (512 589-3122)

Diane Chapmann – volleyball coach

Gloria Latin – volleyball mom (713 702-8664)

The tentative cost for competition is as follows:

Private School Interscholastic Association - $75               Football - $75                 Soccer - $75   

Volleyball - $85            Basketball - $85

Your coaches will have more information for you soon!


Contractors are working hard to make your child’s campus and church property look great! Besides general repairs, a roof on most of the wooden deck is close to completion. A special thanks goes to Mr. Ledesma and Mr. Tolly for their many hours of expert building and repair.


While someone is usually at the school this summer, please check the office answering machine for office hours or call for an appointment. Our staff is on vacation this summer so please do not call them at home; direct all your inquiries to the school office at 512 447-1447.


Please bear in mind that each parent of a student here at Strickland is required to volunteer for at least 4 hours sometime during the school year. APTF volunteering and work done for the school under the direction of the teachers or administrators meet this requirement. Parents must complete and return the signed paperwork as proof of their volunteer efforts in order to retire their four-hour requirement. Parents must also attend at least 3 hours of parenting training. Please see p.10 of the handbook for details.


A great way for parents to help the school is to post a review on social media. To encourage you to do so, Strickland is initiating a drawing for a $100 gift card. Any parent who verifies to the school that he has posted a review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or will have his name entered into the drawing. A parent may post to all four and have four chances to win! If you have previously posted, you may post a new review now and have your name entered again! Reviews must be posted between now and November 30 and reported to the school by December 1. Please email Lori Petty at the official school email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


It is important that you buy uniforms for your child now if you have not done so, as all students must be in uniform starting on the first day of school.  Be sure to buy a cardigan sweater also since some classrooms are cold even in hot weather.  P.E. uniforms must also be purchased by the beginning of school.  First and second graders must wear their P.E. uniforms to school on P.E. days as there is neither time nor place for them to change. Expect your child to have P.E. twice a week. You will learn the P.E. schedule during Open House.

All uniforms must be modest, clean and in good repair. Shorts and skirts must be no more than two inches above the top of the knee. Spirit shirts for T-shirt Fridays are available from Lands’ End only. They are the same shirts as we have had in the past. Students on sports teams may also wear the blue Strickland practice jersey on T-shirt Fridays since it is almost identical to the spirit shirt. Please review the policy for hair length also before school starts so your child will have a proper hairstyle or haircut. For further dress code or uniform details, see pages 19-23 of the handbook.

We pray you and your children will have a blessed summer and return refreshed for a new school term.


In His service,

Doug Rigdon, School Director