Frequently Asked Questions

A. Click the enrollment tab and choose “tuition” for the fees and options for paying tuition.

A. School administrators work very hard to keep tuition affordable. Strickland rents the school facility and so does not have a huge building cost. Strickland goes through eighth grade; high schools are typically more costly to operate than elementary schools.

A. Strickland parents buy everything from Lands’ End except for a few specific items that are listed on the uniform pages of the handbook. Lands’ End offers excellent quality and an unconditional guarantee.

A. Strickland’s unique phonics program and proven teaching methods are part of the reason. When students are given the necessary instruction, tools and encouragement at a young age they can overcome gigantic hurdles and accomplish great feats.

A. Call the school to schedule a tour. Read the handbook found under the enrollment tab. Submit the necessary paperwork and immunization records and ask the admissions director to help you complete a short oral admissions questionnaire.

A. In most respects, Strickland students are well ahead of their counterparts: they all demonstrate good Christian character, prekindergarten students learn to read, kindergarten students take dictation in cursive writing, first graders diagram sentences and read from the King James Bible, second graders master long multiplication and long division and most eighth graders have completed high school algebra and high school geometry.

A. Your child must turn 4 by September 30 of the year that he begins K-4.

A. Many students do just that. Your child must turn 5 by September 30 to attend the kindergarten program.