Exceptional Education

Emphasizing Bible knowledge, advanced phonics and math

The Strickland School curriculum emphasizes strong Phonics & Math skills in the early grades, teaching memorization of the rules necessary for proper Spelling, Grammar, Speech, and higher Math skills. In the upper grades, students benefit from the basics learned in the early grades. Upper grade subjects include Grammar, Math, History, Music, P.E., Spanish, Computer, Science, and Literature & Composition. Additional subjects may also be available. For a complete discussion of the curriculum, consult the Strickland School Handbook on the Enrollment page.


Homework is considered a very important part of the Strickland School program and is necessary in order for the student to achieve vital skills. Every attempt is made to give students a light homework load on Wednesdays.

Average homework assignments:

K4 - 30 minutes of review

K5 - 30 minutes

1st grade - 30-45 minutes

2nd grade - 45 minutes to one hour

3rd grade - one hour

4th & 5th grades - 1-1/2 hours

6th grade - 1-1/2 to 2 hours

7th and 8th grade – 1 ½ to 2 hours